Monday, February 19, 2007


Only Two Weeks Left!

So yesterday we started our tapper and only ran 13 miles, which I know is still a lot, but after our 20 miles 13 seemed like almost nothing. However, around mid way my knees started hurting and by mile 10 I couldn't really even run anymore. This is now really worrying me. Being so close to the marathon I wasn't about to push through the pain, so I wound up walking the last few miles yesterday to ensure I wasn't further hurting myself. I guess I did more damage to my knees last week than I realized, and well I guess it's my fault for having slacked off the self massage with the basket ball my coach told me I should be doing to prevent the knee injuries :(

So while it is pretty close and my knees really were hurting, I'm still not too worried. I'm hoping to get a massage this week, if not today, take it easy and probably not run too much, and do my basketball massage everyday.

Well it's now just under two weeks away, almost there!

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