Sunday, January 07, 2007


Beautiful Day, Beautiful Beach, Great Run

So I'm happy to say that today I completed a 12 mile run and walked away with my knee feeling just fine. Maybe not 100% perfect, but I was able to walk just fine after finishing and it actually didn't hurt! It never really bothered me during the run and I ran the whole 12 miles at a fairly decent pace.

I was a little nervous at the start of the run that my knee would start acting up again but I was so happy when I completed the run and it hadn't acted up at all. Really gave me my spirit back as I had been getting worried that perhaps my knee wouldn't allow me to successfully complete the marathon. I just hope now that I can keep it in good condition and that it doesn't get injured again.

Aside from the painless run, today's run was a great run as a large part of it was along the beach and it was such a sunny and mild weather day. Really makes me happy doing this training in Santa Monica.

Thanks again to everyone out there who has been giving me support, I really appreciate it!

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